Introducing the LU-1508N Lockstitch Machine, robust 1-Needle, Unison Feed, Lockstitch Machines with Vertical-axis Large Hooks, meticulously designed for precision and efficiency in handling extra heavy materials. These machines offer a maximum stitch length of 10mm, providing versatility for various sewing tasks. The complete rectangular feed locus mechanism ensures accurate feed of extra heavy materials without stitch gathering, guaranteeing consistent stitch quality for every sewing task.

With a needlebar stroke of 38mm and a long 190R needle, these machines support the sewing of extra heavy materials with ease. A new feed mechanism with a rectangular feeding motion prevents stitch gathering and ensures consistent feed of materials of all thicknesses. The lower orbit of the feed dog prevents material flopping, reducing operating noise and vibration, while the alternating vertical movement mechanism ensures consistent pressure on the material, preventing irregular stitches and ensuring well-tensed seams.

The machines come with a high, 16mm foot lift, enabling easy material handling. Equipped with a dual-tension mechanism, these machines support high-tension sewing with thick thread, ensuring excellent seam quality on a broad range of materials. The highly efficient vertical-axis double-capacity hook reduces the frequency of bobbin thread changing, increasing sewing efficiency.

Improved operability features include easy stitch length selection using the stitch dial, an easy-to-observe area around the needle, and placement of the bobbin winder on the front face of the machine arm. Additionally, a knee-lifter mechanism built into the bed reduces the pressure required to operate the knee-lifter, facilitating setup.

The machines feature a full-open-type top design, allowing for easy access to adjust works without tilting the machine head. Equipped with a safety clutch for preventing hook breakage, reset work can be done simply by pressing a button. These machines are ideal for a wide range of applications and offer improved efficiency and operability for professional sewing tasks.

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Product Details
Industrial Machines Come Fully Assembled And Will Be Shipped Via Freight 
  • Stitch Length: Maximum 10mm
  • Feed Mechanism: Unison Feed with Rectangular Feeding Motion
  • Needlebar Stroke: 38mm
  • Needle Type: 190R
  • Presser Foot Lift: 16mm
  • Hook Type: Vertical-axis Large Hook
  • Handwheel Diameter: 175mm
  • Thread Type: Suitable for all types of thread including cotton, silk, wool, metal, and synthetic
  • Feed Dog: Lower orbit design prevents material flopping and reduces noise and vibration
  • Alternating Vertical Movement Mechanism: Ensures consistent pressure on the material for uniform stitches, adjustable up to 6.5mm
  • Consistent Seam Quality: Rectangular feed mechanism, alternating vertical movement mechanism, and unison feed mechanism ensure smooth and powerful feed of heavy materials, preventing pitch errors

Operability Features:

  • Easy stitch length selection with stitch dial
  • Easy-to-observe area around the needle
  • Bobbin winder placed on the front face of the machine arm
  • Knee-lifter mechanism reduces pressure required for operation (excluding machines with automatic thread trimmer)
  • Full-open-type top design for easy access to adjust works without tilting the machine head

Safety Features: Equipped with a safety clutch for preventing hook breakage, reset work can be done simply by pressing a button

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