LK-1900B is an excellent high speed computer-controlled bartack machine providing good responsiveness to various sewing patterns. It is able to register as many as 99 cycles of which each cycle can contain 99 sewing patterns.

The machine achieves sewing speed of 3,200sti/min. The machine’s starting, stopping, thread-trimming and automatic presser lifting speeds have been increased to significantly shorten total cycle time.

The direct-drive head (with no belt), which is directly connected to a compact AC servomotor, achieves outstanding performance. The machine head design helps create a comfortable working environment with reduced vibration and noise.

The arm section of the machine head is fitted with a hand pulley. This allows the operator to visually check the needle entry points
Needle thread grasping mechanism helps produce consistent knot tying at the beginning of sewing cycle. (This device has been factory-set to “invoking prohibited” status at the time of delivery.)

The machine is provided as standard with 51 different sewing patterns. The machine permits easy changeover of sewing patterns for effortless execution of an inexhaustible range of sewing specifications.

In cases where the needle entry point for button sewing is to be corrected, the sewing starting point can be corrected without the adjustment of the relevant mechanism

Ships with head boxed separately on a pallet. Each machine is expertly tested by our technicians.


Machine is special ordered. Lead times may vary.

Juki LK-1900B